Over thinking tidying 

I’m turning into my mother. Growing up, she would periodically ransack the house and tidy everything up. I’ve done that a few times but this time, I’m tossing more and arranging less.  So often,  tidying up is just moving stuff around. But sometimes I find the stuff is the problem. Plus we have Christmas coming […]

Overanalysing overanalysing.

As I told somebody yesterday, I’m so overanalytical I over think my over thinking. It’s an easy thing to do, and on the plus side you’re never ever bored because there’s always something to think about. Always another problem to spot lurking on the horizon that will probably never happen. Always another social interaction to […]

Overanalysing my Cooking

When The Dude and I married, he thought I could cook. To be fair, on some level so did I. The truth is, I could do a brilliant roast chicken with roast potatoes and the lot, a decent bangers and mash, and pasta. I couldn’t even fry an egg. You could say I didn’t know […]

This is all I’ve got

These words. This heart. These hands and this brain and this smile. This bounce in my step And this hand on her shoulder. This is all I’ve got. So take me as you find me. My turn of phrase. My hope. My heart. My wishing only for the best. Seeing the invisible ones. This is […]

Us. Them. Other. (or Life on the Edge)

I live fairly close to the edges of things – I’m the one who says the wrong thing, or writes what everyone’s thinking and nobody will say. My past is littered with moments of other-ness so as much as it’s cosy in here with Us, I can’t help but wish They could be here too. […]

100 Days of Writing (Day3)

I stumbled upon #100daysofwriting earlier this week via @under_blue_sky (aka Stephanie Butland) on Twitter. I’m fairly sure the idea is to just turn up at the page every day for 100 days, so I have noncommitally decided to have a go. Given that I have a novel that I’m editing fairly heavily (essentially a rewrite […]


My engagement ring is beautiful. I love it. I also don’t wear it as it causes some weird smelly rash on my finger. I know marriage can be difficult but it’s not supposed to make you actually stink. Anyway, sometimes that has vexed me a little, because I wanted some outward sign of my inside […]