A Tale of Two Blankets

I recently finished a blanket. This one, with all the dog hairs on it because it has been sitting in the corner while I periodically crocheted the border. Round and round and round and round in brown and brown and brown and brown. I don’t much like brown. It came in the kit. It does […]

Please Don’t Say I Don’t Look Autistic.

I have never been particularly good with compliments. But I particularly dislike the kind of well-meaning “compliment” that actually isn’t. Specifically, when people find out I am autistic and proclaim with great confidence that I don’t look autistic. Of course most of those conversations happened prior to lockdown, and I only received my diagnosis in […]

What My Autism Looks Like To You

Hello! My name is Rox’s Autism. She takes me wherever she goes. Sometimes she wears me like a big prickly coat, and sometimes she carries me as a giant fist of fear in her tummy. For the longest time, she called me by lots of different names – non-conformist, quirky, not too loud, no spicy […]

Rewards are Not Just for Finishing Stuff

We don’t do sticker charts in our house. Those little reward things … do this fifty zillion times to get fifty zillion stickers and then you can say “Look! I have fifty zillion stickers!” Something must have got lost in translation because I never saw the point. (Nor does Little Person.) We do rewards in […]