Surviving the Poorly Pile-Up

The worst thing about being poorly is watching the mess grow around you and knowing there’s nothing you can do about it. I have a bad cold at the moment. One of those ones where my brain is in a bit of a fog (I put the cereal in the pot to cook and the […]

TheRoxical Random Instant Pot Guide

A friend of mine said she would ask me for tips on getting more usage out of her Instant Pot (electronic pressure cooker). Since she was the one to inspired my original purchase, I figured I would write a blog to help her out. 1. I quite frequently use frozen prepared chefs base (onion carrot […]

In Memory of Shadow Cat

I had to take my cat to the vet to be put to sleep the same day that the L.A. denied my request for an EHCP at mediation, so while time has passed, I haven’t actually had the mental space to process it. I don’t miss her sitting at the top of the stairs demanding […]

Liberty (Poem & Linoprint)

My tears were too salty; My voice was too strong, As I cried out for freedom And a place to belong. You all saw and heard me; You all called me strong. But you gave me no liberty – You said I was wrong. No dreams for the hopeless; No words for my song; Still […]