Naming Things For What They Are Is A Good Start

You can’t solve a problem that you won’t admit exists. You can’t recover from an injury if you won’t admit that you are hurt. You can’t find solace or comfort or help if you won’t admit that you are anything other than fine. Naming the thing doesn’t make us weak. Naming the thing doesn’t make […]

On Being Silenced

I have family members who read this blog, and will strongly disagree with what I say in this post. Which is fine, because people are entitled to their own opinions. (For everyone else who is confused – don’t worry. The real blog starts in the next paragraph.) I was the youngest child, and a daughter, […]

What is Lost And What Will Be Found

This Covid Generation of children will never know the horror of someone double dipping in your favourite dip at a gathering, meaning you need to eat dry crisps for the rest of the night. Or the fun of taking a bite of your friend’s dessert. Or stealing a hat and throwing it around the room. […]