Lessons from a Labrador. Sort of.

I  skived church on Sunday.  I took Little Person and the Labrador to a local lab meet up and watched my dog splash about and my Little Person throw wet balls and talk to people she didnt know.  And the greatest surprise of all is that she didn’t mind the change in routine.  It’s easy […]

Anxiety And The Petrol Tank

Over recent months, I have had to take stronger steps to manage my anxiety. It’s gone from an issue other people struggle with, to a lion circling the perimeter of my life. Or maybe an elephant. That every now and then decides to sit on my chest. “Not today Mr Elephant.” (It always helps to […]

Cooking, Autism and Me

When I was in high school, or maybe just after, I used to watch a show called “Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook”. Ainsley Harriot running around talking to people while they chopped and salted and 15 minutes later there was a thoroughly edible something on the plate. Back then, I  liked cooking as a spectator sport. I […]

The Thing With Challenges

Of course it’s probably part of the January-itis. The challenges that people put up and ask you to sign up for. Dry January is one (no problems there). But there’s the penny challenge  (save 1p the first day, 2p the next etc), the 52 books in a year, the 12 types of books (there’s a […]

Grumbly Rumblings

As I write this (the joys of prescheduled posts), the noise of the iPad is bleeding through the walls. It could be worse. It could be the television. Or a meltdown. As I write this, I can feel the yoghurt I ate for supper settling into my tummy, bringing a sort of peace to the […]

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

“Come on, just give him a little cuddle. Oh look, that’s such a lovely picture. Do you want to look?” They didn’t. They were two young boys, and all they really wanted was to eat their lunch. But then the other mother (because this was two mothers and their boys in a softplay place, and […]