Poem For Advent (Not Really)

First Sunday of advent has come and has gone, Onwards and upwards, there’s things to be done. Only remember to wait and to pray, Discounts and bargains will be ours today .  Can we just pause and give some small thought?  Under the tinsel tree presents we’ve bought!  People around us have less than they […]

Letter To An Outsider

Dear Outsider, I think there’s been a misunderstanding .  I suppose that must happen to you quite frequently. I guess telling you that doesn’t help. I guess reminding you that you will always be an outsider doesn’t help either. Maybe it’s just we all spend so much time with the insiders that we forget what […]

Things That Make Me Smile 

The other week somebody scratched my car in a botched parking attempt . This morning, they came and took my car and gave me a courtesy car. I thought I was meeting The Dude for lunch but I wasn’t. We have both had rotten weeks for different reasons , but he came out and we […]

Ramblings and Raindrops 

As I write , I am in the car, raindrops pattering against the roof. I’m waiting to fetch Little Person from school. My trousers are wet because I dashed home, walked the dog in the rain and dashed out again. So now I am cold and the cars are whizzing by and the gentle sloshing […]

Lest We Forgot

And so, at 11AM on this 11th day of the 11th month we stood for two minutes silence. We remembered the sacrifice of so many lives,  not just those that have died, but those that walk among us and carry that death within them.  We talk about things like honour and sacrifice and freedom. The […]

When Being Right is Wrong

Maybe it was because I was young but I always used to enjoy being right. I loved winning arguments. I loved thinking something through and working it all out and coming up with an answer. It was alright if we were both right but if it turned out that I was right and you were […]

Pokemon Positives

This whole parenting autism malarkey is very tricky. Especially the bit where Little Person becomes obsessed with particular things. Years later, I still have chunks of script from Octonauts episodes floating through my head (Explore! Rescue! Protect!). Dora the Explorer left permanent scars on my psyche (don’t you dare mention backpack). But somebody mentioned to […]

Faith, Autism and Halloween

I come from a country with sangomas (witchdoctors), where people still put curses on their enemies, and young men drink warm goat’s blood as part of their teenage circumcision rites. I grew up first Baptist, and then Pentecostal (and now I attend my local C of E). I believe in a spiritual realm, in God […]