Never Underestimate The Power of Small Things

Last week, we forgot to buy almond milk. (We only shop once a week because Covid.) Which means for about 4 days, I have been splashing normal milk in my tea. Today I went back to my normal tea, and aaaaah… lovely. In a world where we feel so overwhelmed by big problems, it’s easy […]

Controlling People, and Value and Worth

This post is based on some writing I have found in an old notebook – me wrestling with difficult questions following a very hard time. I think we don’t talk about these things enough. I hope my words help somebody realise that maybe they are not alone in wrestling with these things. Every person has […]

It’s OK to be Exhausted

It’s okay to be exhausted.  Fatigued. Wrung-out and overwrought. Tired beyond tired and empty beyond empty. It’s okay for your thinker-er to have gone on holiday and left you behind. It’s okay for the planning, starting, organising and ordering, juggle all the things and solve the puzzle of efficiency part of your brain has hidden […]