Be Available, he said

I went to church on Sunday, something I do less often than I would like. On this occasion, we had a guest speaker, and he said a whole lot of stuff, but there was one thing he said that kind of stuck.

Be available. As in, often we don’t do things because we put limits on how or why or whatever, but if we focussed instead on being available, who knows what might be achieved.

Available, I can do, I thought. (Obviously not in the getting dressed up to the nines and trying to pull a bloke kind of available, I’m a little beyond that.) I don’t have a career, and right now I don’t even have a dream, so who knows what might happen if I just open myself up to possibilities. Within the fairly limited number of things I am surrounded by, of course. And the first opportunity that appeared was an evening ladies function involving a cake baking competition. I don’t do cake competitions. But I had decided to be available. So I decided that this would happen. Be available, the man said, and made it sound so easy.

So far, this being available has turned into less of a one off decision and more a rolling mindset. Even the decision to go to the ladies function has turned into a myriad of complicated mini-decisions involving childcare and transport. This be available is a complicated business. Less be available, more create capacity in my life to be available. I have had to do more childcare arranging in the two weeks that Little Person has been at school than I did for the previous six months when she was at nursery. But if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. And Little Person won’t suffer from the experience. The Sitter is one of her most favouritest people.

I’ll let you know how the ladies function thing goes. At least I have managed to work out I am not supposed to turn up at this thing on my own. And I’m working on a surprise, but if I told you what it was, it wouldn’t be  a surprise.

Anybody know what I did with my cake tin? The one that looks like a hat?


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