Pack light – it’s a long journey

Been thinking about walking. Blame this morning’s sermon. But also about resolutions and plans, because, well it’s that time of the year. Which naturally leads me to packing, being the evidence of your planning and your intention to walk. Because whatever journey you take, it’s going to involve at least some walking.

But how often do we pack for our life’s journey as though it were a holiday? A short sojourn in the sun instead of a long trek through variable terrain. We hold on to things we don’t need, cramming in hurts and bitterness, pride and anger, so that we don’t have room for the things we need to forge a life and leave a legacy – forgiveness, passion, love, imagination. We overwhelm ourselves, packing a giant trunk to protect ourselves from every eventuality, forgetting that the trunk doesn’t have wheels and we have a long way to go.

And don’t get me started about the things we commit ourselves to along the journey – being the perfect employee, and parent, and the friend who has it all together. No wonder we crumple in a heap at the first obstacle.

So this year, I’ve started taking things out of my suitcase, so that I can be lighter on my feet, moving easily to where I’m needed, going further, and able to pick up the things I need along the way.

Pack light. We’re going places.


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