Learning to Cook Fish (or how to start)

The Dude was super-helpful the other day and took Little Person grocery shopping as I was under the weather. He brought back everything on the list plus a few extras. Including two trout fillets.

If it swims, it slims. Apparently.

I’ve cooked one fish dish our entire marriage (apart from occasionally opening a can of tuna) and that was a disaster. And this was trout, which I have never eaten in my life.

“We don’t like trout, it’s a river fish” my mum observed when I phone-a-friended her.

Multiple recipe books, multiple recipes for salmon, or baked whole fish, or, wait … trout in some butter sauce? Not going to work.


More panic.

So I fried it in a teeny bit of oil, snipped chives over it and served it with lemon wedges.

And thought, how often do we try to start things, learn things, in as complicated a way as possible, when all we need to do is start small, start simply.

Do what you know you can do to prepare you to what you think you can’t.

Because The Dude liked the fish, even if I couldn’t quite bring myself to eat it.


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