Temporal Cognition, #YOLO and Doing it Right

Okay, this may be a fairly random post, but it’s doing double duty (Little Person seems to fall asleep quicker with the tapping of the keyboard, although tonight I doubt it will work – I can hear her singing).

Thing is, I have been thinking about time of late, and thinking about thinking about time. And that whole You Only Live Once vibe (the #YOLO in the title), that people use as an excuse to do something stupid, or be lazy or in some other way attempt to deflect from poor behavioural choices. Because, well, you only live once, so why not drink yourself into oblivion, or go skydiving without doing the proper training, or whatever it is. Live life the YOLO way and it’s more like YOLO-ASLAT (you only live once – a short life at that).

Because yes, you only live once, but you don’t live life alone. And you have a responsibility to yourself, and those you leave behind, to do it right. That doesn’t mean never having any fun, but it does mean occasionally doing the responsible thing instead of the fun thing. You only live once, but you will always have to live with the consequences of your actions, and your decisions.

So right now, thinking about time and the future and all that, I could just see a million meals still to be cooked, piles of laundry to be washed and packed away and countless errands still to be run. Or I could listen to my Little Person’s breathing, think of The Dude’s face when I made him the curry the other week and realise I have the opportunity for a million special moments. I have a daughter to raise and a family to nurture, traditions to build, and the greatest gift I can give my daughter is this lesson.

You only live once, so cherish it. Do it Right.


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