The Rebuilt Life

Sometimes the life we have is not the life we want – sometimes this is due to our own choices, sometimes, the decisions of others, and sometimes because a butterfly flapped its wings on the other side of the universe. Sometimes we make good choices, but bad things still result.

But we still get to go on.

We still have to rebuild our lives after problems, difficulties, catastrophes or traumas. Whether we leave the place we called home, or others leave who made it home (metaphorically, or in my case, literally), we have the choice, when we start over – how are we going to rebuild?

Again, if our lives have been shaken by an earthquake that has caused us to question everything; or overwhelmed by a tsunami of grief, anxiety, depression or fear, leaving us disorientated and with an unbridgeable chasm between now and the life we knew before; we have a choice – how are we going to rebuild?

Are we going to learn the lesson of fear, or are we going to learn the lesson of life? Are we going to build small, so that next time we just don’t lose as much, or are we going to build better? If you need to rebuild your life, think about the lessons you have learnt – if you lived in an earthquake zone, you would engineer a house to cope with tremors (by putting the parking garage on the top of the apartment building, not the bottom, for example), or if you lived in a flood-risk area, you’d first build a hill and then build your house on it.

Let’s rebuild our lives in a way that makes space for the trauma and problems – so that they don’t completely knock us out the next time. Put boundaries in place so that you don’t allow people to suck your resources dry and burn out. Find people to mentor you into a place of healthy relationships, where you can trust, and be trusted, give and receive, build a life that is better not in spite of what has gone before, but in part because of it.

Find the silver lining, and paint your walls with it.




This week, instead of posting a link to blog I enjoy, I’m posting a bit of a writing/photography challenge:

What does a Rebuilt Life mean to you?

You can put up a post, or a comment (hopefully I won’t accidentally delete it), or even a photo on Instagram or a tweet (#rebuiltlife).



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