Love is

It was definitely early, even though daylight crept across my windowsill. Both cats were deep in their postdawn naps, thoughts of feline breakfast still some time away. Their lumpy unresponsiveness told me I too should still be asleep.

“Mummy, I done a poo in my pants.”

Love is climbing out of bed and not giving the Little Person a grumpy lecture about getting to the toilet in time. But I was right, it was too early. And the cats didn’t change their breakfast alarm clocks.


FWD (Friend With Dog) looked at me across the table. The sun was below the horizon, dew settling over the plants. Little Person was engrossed in a television programme. I’d been talking. Okay, lecturing.

“Rox, don’t turn me into a project.”

Love is taking the criticism, knowing that sometimes you overstep the mark, and saying sorry. (Also, not turning your friends into projects does help.)


Standing in front of a bathroom mirror, water dripping off my nose and watching my hands still shake, I wondered how it had gone so wrong so quickly. I don’t lose my temper often, but when I do… Relationships were hanging in the balance – and not just mine.

Love is deciding to forgive, without waiting for the feeling to grow in your heart. Saying the words to bring reconciliation, knowing that emotions are fickle and will eventually do what they’re told.


In a world that looks for a love that will light up the sky like the Olympic Opening Ceremony fireworks, love is in the quietest of places, the hardest of decision;, it’s in swallowing your pride, living with the discomfort of a moment. Love is beyond words, mostly because it is an action.

Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is love.


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