Being Brave

I need to be brave in these coming days. Little Person and I have some challenging days ahead, and my attitude towards it will in a large part define our success. But it is difficult, because the mere thought of all that stretches before us makes me want to bury my head in a giant bowl of chocolate and cry. But that would waste chocolate, and so I am brave instead.

We all think of bravery as the fireman charging into the burning building to rescue people, strangers, that may not even be there. But that has training, equipment, practice. And the very fact it’s strangers can sometimes make it easier.

Because there is a different kind of brave. The one that loves, even when it breaks your heart. The one that turns its back on the safe thing, and does the right thing instead. Sometimes it’s the smallest little things that are the scariest.

And thinking about this, of course, makes me realise. Writing a blog with a small but growing following; and the likes; and positive vibes, is safe. The Big Project however, is brave. And true to myself. And right.

So this is not good-bye forever. This is just good-bye for a while.

And be brave.


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