Be Kind

I have things I want to write about. But not today.

Today I read that Robin Williams has died. But he is not the hero nor the villain of the piece. I would think it best to let the shadows of eternity embrace him, and leave it at that, but I’m remembering now.

I remember that I have had bouts of depression, and each has been different to the last. So there is no “I know how you feel.” Because, truly, I don’t. Half the time I don’t even know what I feel.

And like a cancer patient, I’m in remission. I can tell when The Sadness looms large at the door. And hearing this kind of news can give The Sadness more power than it deserves.

So this is what I think.

In your life, today, there is somebody who is struggling with this very same thing. It may be you, it may be somebody you know. They may be in the deepest darkest place, and suddenly thinking thoughts that nobody should ever have bouncing through their mind. Or they may, like me, simply be remembering – and that act can in itself tip a person back into the abyss. Like I said, remission.

So Be Kind. Look out for that person. Listen. Don’t think its hysterics. Take care of them with biscuits and time over the next few days and weeks. And always, always believe them.

And pray it never happens to you.


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