Wisdom is …

“Wisdom is making decisions today for the benefit of your tomorrow.” I heard that quoted the other week, but forget the source. But wisdom is more than that.

Wisdom is knowing when that definition doesn’t hold true – when you need to be brave, and do the unexpected thing.

Wisdom is not thinking, but it is not action either. It is more than strategy or skill. It is knowing how your knowing is relevant to the situation. And sometimes more importantly, knowing when all your previous knowledge doesn’t apply.

Wisdom is knowing the time – is it a time to speak up, or a time to be silent? Sometimes the best answer is to say nothing at all. Sometimes you will be the only person who can (or will) stand up to right the wrong.

All the knowledge in the world is useless if it is applied rashly and inappropriately.

But all the wisdom in the world is pointless if it is applied harshly and without grace. (Okay, maybe not completely pointless, but the benefits are severely downgraded.)

Wisdom is not really wisdom unless it is partnered with love. And then it becomes something truly powerful.



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