Cats. You Think you Know What’s Going On And Then ….

I have previously posted about Orange Cat, Little Cat, and Bonus Cat.

Things have changed. I think I may have started it. I chased Bonus Cat. Then Little Cat (ever the anxious sort) concluded she should be chasing Bonus Cat too. These started with yeowling matches at 1AM, and progressed to actual clawing and biting. Bonus Cat decided to use our litter tray. Orange Cat, who barely condescends to use the litter tray, then decided that under the bed was a much better litter tray. So I swopped where my head was. Which meant Little Cat had to sleep somewhere different.

And then we moved the furniture around downstairs for a thing, and then again on Saturday for a different thing. Saturday being the day I noticed the scratch marks and missing skin on Little Cat. Saturday being the last day I saw her. Bonus Cat, who is not actually our cat, has muscled in and scared Little Cat away. There is not much I can do about it. Even Orange Cat is displeased, meowing at me reproachfully.

Of course, I’ve never had an anxious cat before. And I do know that Little Cat had found somewhere else to get food from – she would disappear during the day regularly and almost never ate the food supplied for her at home yet somehow managed to put on weight. So I know Little Cat is happy. But that doesn’t make me any more impressed with the situation.

But I’m not cross with her. I’m not cross with any of them. Bonus Cat has gained territory, but not affection. Bonus Cat will soon find the cat flap closed on a night, and that will put an end to that. (Why did I not do this sooner? I didn’t realise how bad the situation had got. Why am I not doing it straight away? I’m hoping Little Cat will forgive all the changes and come home.) Bicarb, Febreze and some diligent application of plastic bags will sort Orange Cat’s toileting issue. Little Cat has already found her own solution to the problem.

Sometimes we don’t realise the consequences of our actions. When I chased Bonus Cat down the stairs, I had no idea I was actually chasing Little Cat out of my life.


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