It is Your Last Blog Post. What Do You Write? (Or You Don’t Have To Live Afraid)

You may or may not write blogs, but you have a voice, and you have a message. It speaks in your words and in your actions, what you say, text, like, share, tweet and support. It speaks almost as much in what you don’t say as what you do. So this is the question. This is your last message. After this, your voice will be silenced forever, but you will live to see the consequences of your message. What do you say? And why would you choose that message? In reality, I don’t know the answer, but I think it would go a bit like this.

You don’t have to live afraid. There is a better way. You don’t have to live hiding from yourself, or from other people. Fear steals. It kills dreams, it destroys hope, it poisons the soul. So choose to live differently. Choose to live unafrafraid. Sure, there will be days that terrify you. There will be things that loom so large over your life that you quiver and quake and think “I can’t do that.” But what if you can? What if you, little you in your little corner, doing the little thing that you can do start, almost by accident, a movement, a revolution, that changes the world? What if you allow yourself to try, and to fail, allow yourself to take a breath and face the monster? And tame it with courage, and with love?

You don’t have to live afraid. Afraid that people may find out who you really are, afraid that you’re not good enough, afraid that you’re wrong, that you might offend somebody, or worse, that you’re not respected, or not loved? If you have to be somebody else to be loved, it’s not really love. If people are offended by who you really are, there are other people in the world who wish they could be more like you. Brave, and true to themselves. And if you find that nobody loves you (which you won’t, because if nobody else loves you, I will), break the chain. Love somebody else out of their fear.

Living afraid is living in fear of punishment or pain, but living a life of love is living for the positive impact that you can have. Love is acknowledging, affirming and appreciating the existence of something or someone. If you appreciate something, you take care of it, you nurture it, you try to make it the best that it can be. You love computers? You get the best computer you can afford, and then you look after it. You check it for viruses, you keep your software upgraded. You love your cat? You feed it, you make sure that you provide everything it needs, and when it goes missing, you look for it (also, when it comes back, you close the cat-flap so it doesn’t have to live in fear of the bully cat that’s been trying to take over the space – my cat came back). If you love people, you do whatever you can to make them feel special, and beautiful and valued. And you help them to be the best version of themselves that they can be, even if that makes your life a little uncomfortable for a while.

Or something like that.

And this is why. Because when I look out into my world, I see a crowd of people fighting themselves and each other when they don’t have to. If people could live brave and unafraid, they would not have to break other people down so that they could pretend to be big – they would already be big. Nobody would have to face a problem alone, because there would always be someone who has walked that road before and is willing and able to support them. If we all lived unafraid, that would mean we would never need to be afraid to ask for help, and never be afraid to give it.

Yes, I know. It’s never going to happen. But that’s not going to stop me from trying.


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