Don’t Stop The Singing

After a morning wandering around the shops, and having made the tactical error of stopping at the bookstore first, we were headed in search of lunch. We were tired, over-burdened with parcels, pretending not to be grumpy. All of us, that is, except Little Person. She was singing.

We’re on an adventure,
We’ve never been down this road before.
We’re on an adventure,
Skipping down the road.

The tune was familiar but the words were her own. And somehow, she pulled me into her happiness. I forgot the weight of the parcels, the fatigue in my legs, the hunger in my belly. I forgot to be grumpy that The Dude was marching ahead. I smiled because I was learning a lesson.

Even when you are doing a new thing, when you have been dragged around from pillar to post, it is always possible to find a song in your heart to cheer you to your destination. Focus on the adventure- it makes everything seem easier.


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