Perspective Is A Tricky Business

We were visiting family, and went for a walk. Down the hill a bit, up the hill a bit more. And looking back, through trees and houses, we could see our car parked at the top of driveway.

“It’s very short,” observed Little Person, once she spotted it, “Like a toy car.”

She was right of course. The car that had comfortably carried four adults (five at a squeeze) across the country did indeed look like a child’s toy, as though it would require a hand to appear out the sky to make it go anywhere.

Sometimes we can look at life in the same way. We can look at somebody else’s life and think that their problems are small, like a toy car. Or we can look at our own life and think that the difference we make, or have made, is small, like a toy car. We can look at things from a distance, and think that they are small and inconsequential. And then turn back to look in surprise to see that the small car that was “just a toy” has carried a family on a journey that they would not otherwise make.

Perspective is a tricky business. We can look from a distance and miss the scale of the thing. We can stand too close and miss the scale of the thing. The solution? Remember where you are standing. Remember that things are not always as they seem.


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