The Lost Book

We’ve just come back from holiday, so my brain is in equal parts full of ideas and empty of words. But I enjoy taking the time to meander through my thoughts and dig out something for your perusal.

The story starts last Christmas. I bought The Dude some books for Christmas, as instructed. But he was still in the middle of reading one and I was on required rest, so he decided to let me read his book. Thoroughly good read too. I handed it back, but he had started another book in the meantime, so it got put to one side. And then we had people over, and it got hidden away, for months.

But recently, we found it again. Okay, he found it. This time he even got to start reading it. But he put it down somewhere, and informed me this last week that it was lost again. Which brings us neatly back to today, and me sitting at the PC waiting for the software to load. I scan the desk – as ever overloaded with papers (I can be good at filing, I just lack the impetus to initiate a filing system). I move one or two sheets which look important. And there, staring up at me, is the book.

Of course, it’s immediately obvious what had happened. The Dude had been reading, had remembered to do something, and brought the book through with him. The book was read as the necessary websites loaded, and then was set down. Important papers were pulled out as required, and set on top of the book. And then he went onto any of the other things he likes doing on the PC. And the book, in that process, was lost.

How many beauties, pleasures, talents and friendships have we lost in just the same way? Put aside for just a moment, and then something important needs our attention, and like the book, it is never returned to. And it’s a week or a month or a year later before we realise that we don’t know where that thing is, and it was something that was so going to enrich our lives.

I think I may have just found the motivation for my filing system!


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