The Ear-Ticklers (a poem)

The Ear-Ticklers

Beware the ear-ticklers who wander the night,
Oh don’t worry, they’ll never give you a fright.
They tickle your ears until you feel all right,
And fall fast asleep without even a fight.

Beware the ear-ticklers, though they mean no harm.
They like life to be happy, serene and all calm.
They tickle your ears with smiles and with charm,
But somebody somewhere must sound the alarm.

Beware the ear-ticklers who whisper about,
“Tomorrow’s enough for those living without.”
You’d better be silent, there’s no need to shout,
You want to be loved, not dealing with doubt.

Beware the ear-ticklers who now lock the door,
Keeping you safe from the evil in store,
Close the shop and stay hidden, remember before.
You can’t make a difference. Well, not anymore.


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