Tired Friday Writing. Also, Cats

Remember Little Cat? She disappeared for a few days, and then came back, smelling slightly of dustbins and a bit thinner. We have kept Bonus Cat at bay by shutting the cat flap at night, but we leave it open during the day. Little Cat is much happier without Bonus Cat bothering her, but she seems to be an inside cat these days. This morning, I opened the back door and she stood in the doorway, hackles raised. She didn’t even get a nose out the door.

In other news, Today has been a grumpy, tired kind of day. The Dude has been on an early shift, which means I have been waking up way too early. And after a lovely week away of no cooking and minimal housework, being back to the everyday is hard. It can feel like drudgery.

But hey, there’s things to be grateful for. Today at the shop I was adding things to my shop for the food bank, and for my Moldova Christmas box. There are people with so much less than we have. Not only do I have food, I have the skills to prepare my food from scratch. I have kitchen equipment, and recipe books. And on top of that, I can read.

But sometimes, all the gratitude in the world ain’t gonna get me off the sofa. Sometimes, I’m just tired. Sometimes the weeks and months of challenges can overwhelm me. It is not that I’m defeated. Nor have I lost my faith, or desire, or passion. It’s just that the tiredness can sometimes get bigger than all that.

So. The trick is not let the tiredness beat me. I should rest up for a bit, and then tomorrow, I try again. I will not be like Little Cat, and hiding from the world just because of one bad day. (In Little Cat’s defence, hers was a very traumatic bad day.)

I can be tired. But some rest and I will be all better again.


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