Home Is Where The Heart Is

Have you ever been on holiday somewhere, and felt yourself instantly and explicably at home? Like there is something about the place that acknowledges and reflects back to you the beauty that you carry within your soul. And so, because it reflects your heart somehow, you feel comfortable there. Similarly, you can walk into a friend’s house and know that you are at home again – acceptable and enough, just the way you are. Nothing to prove. Nothing to be.

2014-10-16 19.27.55

But “at home” means different things to different people. And different things to the same person at different times of life. Some people might take it as a compliment being able to make their own tea at your house (after all, they get to have it just the way they like it), whereas others may appreciate you taking the effort to pamper them by making them a cuppa. There’s no right or wrong, there’s just hearts expressing what their ideas of home are.

I’ve just come back from my first stall at a Christmas Fair. We crocheted and knitted hats and scarves from lovely chunky good quality wool. My mum sewed bags and Christmas stockings. Almost nothing sold, despite my best marketing efforts. Because the market wasn’t in the right place for what we had to offer. We couldn’t lower our prices any more than we already had. People really liked what we had to offer them, but they couldn’t afford the price we asked them to pay. Our wares reflected our hearts, and the Fair was a place that just wasn’t home.

2014-10-13 12.33.50

It was really hard, packing up the stuff that we had unpacked with so much hope hours before. And so it can be in life, when you realise that you have to walk away from a place that is not a home for your heart. But know this. There is a home for you. There is a place where people will value what your heart brings, and be able to pay the price that you ask them to pay. You are worthwhile, you are valuable.

Your heart deserves a home.

(Incidentally, if you want to buy some lovely homemade hats, scarves or Christmas decorations, get in touch on roxicalthinking@gmail.com or larfsandcrafts@gmail.com – U.K. only)


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