If Time Really Was An Investment

If time really was an investment, I would be a relational venture capitalist, specialising in purpose awakening. I would be strategic in the relationships I developed, since it is our relationships that pull us through the periods when life threatens to overwhelm. I would be a venture capitalist, because I would spend my time investing in others so that they can achieve their dreams and purposes. Not because I don’t have dreams of my own, but because that is my dream.

If time really was an investment, I would spend a little more of it on my marriage. My marriage is an abstract of my home, and just like the home needs constant attention to keep everything running smoothly, so the marriage needs regular maintenance to keep everything going smoothly. If my marriage is strong, then my marriage can look after me and provide me with a solace in the storms of life. It means I have something for the future, whatever that future may bring. Maybe a bit like insurance? (No, The Dude, I am not saying you are insurance. I am saying investing in us is insurance!)

If time really was an investment, I would not be running around trying to be efficient, but rather effective. I would not be putting systems in place to get things done, but assessing what things need to be done, and who would be best to do those things. It wouldn’t be about amazing everybody about the volume that could be achieved, but rather about maximising the impact of the time I do invest in things. Finding the things that mean the most, and making sure that they always get done. Accepting that if my time is an investment, then so is everybody else’s, including Little Person’s. (She’s small, but she’s mighty.)

If time really was an investment, I would be so much more intentional about it all. I would find ways to relate that allowed me to be comfortable, and open, accepted and accepting; I would find ways to relax that are actually relaxing rather than slowly turning my brain to mush through a system of mindless sensory bombardment (yes, that’s what I think television can be sometimes). I would accept the responsibilities of my days, and the rhythms of the seasons, not as something to be endured and fought against, but as something to be harnessed to build a better future.

But that’s only if time really was an investment. But to be that, it would have to be a limited, non-renewable resource.

What do you mean, that’s exactly what time is?


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