Sometimes you just need to remember who you are

Sometimes you just need to stop and remember. Remember where you are, where you’re from, where you have been. Sometimes we can get so busy in the doing-ness of life that we can forget that we were beings first. We should not be what we do, but rather aim to do what we are.

I have been doing housework this morning, which is (as you may have guessed) not my most favourite job in the world. But I have realised that is because I have been trying to be a housewife, rather than doing the housework as a Roxical writer. What’s the difference? Well, a housewife likes having a clean house (and nothing wrong with that), whereas I am more strongly motivated by creating an environment where people (and specifically my family) can flourish. I am, as the mug I drink my tea from this morning so eloquently puts it, a Very Special Mummy.

So, instead of allocating an afternoon to catching up with the laundry, and two hours to sorting out Little Person’s bedroom, I give myself tasks and times of housework love. The laundry gets folded and put away while I run Little Person’s bath, which allows me to reflect on the special moments and memories that each garment is associated with. Here’s The Dude’s shirt from Monday, when he went to work and had a bad day, but carried on regardless. And I’m grateful for his faithfulness, and his job, and commitment to his family. Here’s Little Person’s pajamas from Tuesday, which were too small for her, but she wore anyway. And I’m grateful that she’s growing, and strong and healthy, and learning new skills every day. And look! The laundry pile is done, and the bath is ready.

I spent a similar morning cleaning up in the kitchen – remembering all the little moments that made me laugh and smile over the last few days. Realising that I can be a writer, and a mother, and an admin manager, and a wife, and still find a way to do bits of housework.

As long as I just remember who I am.


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