A Creativity New Year’s Resolution/Challenge/Regroup/Contemplation Thing

I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I think that, unless they feed directly into your passions and you have spent a good deal of time thinking about them, you are more likely to fail than succeed. And even if you have spent a great deal of time thinking about changing your behaviours with the aim of a more positive outcome, instituting the change when you are recovering from the shock of Christmas (fiscal, relational or otherwise) can stack the odds against you.

That said, January is a particularly good time for developing new ideas, for trying out things to see if they might work. While everybody else is trying to stick to rash resolutions, you can try out a few things, work out what works best for you, and then, come February you can put your plans into practice for real. No pressure from all your friends to succeed, because they have already flunked out at their resolutions. And besides, it’ll be February, it’s not the time for resolutions.

I will be putting this into practice with my Creativity Contemplations in January. (Yes, I know, it’s a cheesy name – I’m open to suggestions.) The idea is to take your creativity out and shake it up a bit, or tighten it up, or whatever needs doing to make it work better for you. I think creative types can too easily use their creativity as an excuse for sloppiness. What if we tried feeding our creativity vegetables instead of chocolates, so to speak? Creativity is not a synonym for undisciplined.

So, my plan, if you care to join me, is to post up a basic concept at the beginning of each week. And then you get to go and explore the concept according to your preferred form of creative expression. So you might post videos or draw cartoons or write poetry. I write blogs (and secret projects), so the guidelines will have been thought up with that in mind. But don’t let that stop you. Translate the idea, and the limitations, to your preferred medium. It would be really great if you linked back so I could see what you get up to.

Let’s see what we can do with our creativity this January. And then, we might have a direction for the rest of the year at the end of it.

If you have a cool name for this endeavour, please email me(roxicalthinking@gmail.com)  or comment below. Same for any random ideas that you think would be good for stretching our creative muscles.

Also, if you plan on joining me, let me know.


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