New Year’s Revolution 2015: Kickstarting Creativity

As promised, I am launching a Creativity Project for the four weeks of January. With some feedback and cogitations, I have decided that a structured guideline approach would probably work best. I want something that sparks your creativity across the facets of your life – so that artist, sculpture, photographer, writer, and cook can participate equally. (Which is a slightly wider target than I was originally considering.)

So here are my guidelines, which remain open to improvements.

  1. Every Friday I will post up a theme for the coming week. This will include the over-arching idea, as well as some ways to address the theme. Daily prompts just seemed like an over commitment.
  2. I aim to provide a structure that will allow for five pieces to be created over that week. (This would be what I would be aiming to achieve.) You could always choose to use the theme as a springboard towards one single creative expression. Like I said, guidelines, not rules.
  3. The aim of this little experiment is to encourage you (and me) to exercise your creativity differently. So try new formats, genres, ways of working. It’s a safe space to work things out.
  4. If possible, I would appreciate feedback on your efforts – pingbacks, emails and the like. I’m not even sure how pingbacks work, but I’m sure you do.
  5. If you look at my ideas and it sparks an idea for a theme for a coming week, please feel free to contact me.

Please remember this is just an experiment. Also, while I have been thinking about these guidelines for a while, I actually wrote them in the middle of the night when I was woken up by a friendly neighbourhood police helicopter. It’s gone now.

I intend to post my first theme on Friday 2 January. Join in any time.


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