Creative Kickstart 2015: Week 1 – Creativity Five-a-day

I have come down with a rather bad cold, thanks to The Dude’s generosity. So while I came up with this challenge over Christmas, I don’t know if I’ll be able to participate. Still. Here’s some ideas to get you thinking differently. Or not. 

Week 1: Creativity Five-a-day

They say that eating five portions of fruit and vegetables is an essential part of a healthy diet. So what would be the creativity equivalent of this notion?  There’s two ways to go – contemplating five portions of creativity, or what the nature of healthy creativity is.

  1. Five paragraphs of five sentences each on a particular topic. (You could do this for five days, ending up with five pieces.) This thought was inspired by a blog ( , where the author writes such a piece once a month.
  2. Explore a theme close to your heart from five perspectives (this would be good for photographers, or poets or writers).
  3. Make a dish using five ingredients you have never combined before. Or write down five ways to make a particular recipe or ingredient special.
  4. Five ways to know that your creativity is in good health.
  5. The five habits of highly creative people. Okay, I know there is no such a thing as that, but it’s an idea to get you started. Somebody make a mockery of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for me, please….

If you want to see what I wrote in response to these prompts, see the links below:

Lessons From The Water Leak

5 Perspectives on Cats

Lessons From A Sausage Casserole

I don’t know 5 signs of healthy creativity (#CharlieHebdo)

Permissions And Excuses

Also, I wrote this little review of the week if you want to read it.


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