Lessons from A Sausage Casserole, Or Five Ways To Make A Particular Recipe Special (Kickstart Creativity 3)

The alternative challenge to this was to combine five ingredients I hadn’t used together before, but I’m just not feeling that adventurous. The truth is, we had a sausage casserole last night and it was special, so I’ll just give you the five things that made a difference.

  1. Peas and cabbage. We don’t normally eat peas with our sausage casserole, since it has onions and tomatoes in it anyway. The bit of greenery added to the experience. But the peas were there because one of our guests likes having separate vegetables with their meal. So that’s what we did.
  2. Nice sausages. Apparently I make a good sausage casserole. Last night, I bought extra nice sausages with red onion in them, to compliment the red onion in the sauce. Because you want things that work together. Besides, I took it as a compliment when that particular meal was requested, so I thought it worth making the extra effort of buying nice sausages. (Although strangely, when I made this with organic sausages it was a bit of a flop, so there you go.)
  3. Friendship. The friends gathered around my table last night weren’t all old friends, some were new friends. But we had good conversation, and many smiles, and even though it has been a stressful few weeks, my heart was glad. Because actually, a good meal isn’t just about the food.
  4. Solutions. I only asked him to help me out by tightening a connection on our water pipe. So he came, tightened the connection, explained why it had started leaking, instructed me not to stand anywhere near the pipe, and then went to get supplies. Then he came back and solved the problem permanently. And all I did was give him sausage casserole. But sometimes it’s not just about what you give, but also about what you are willing to receive.
  5. Tinned tomatoes. As I poured the tomatoes into the pan, I realised they belong in the other sausage casserole recipe. But never mind, it was still tasty. So I can’t label it as a mistake. Just because something is different, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Please let me know if you have had a go at any of my challenges. Or better yet, send me some of your attempts….


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