Kickstarting Creativity Week 2: Favourite Things

We all know the standard questions we ask, what’s your favourite colour/music/film/celebrity/cuisine. I mean, you could answer that, but it feels boring. So let’s explore some other favourite things instead.

  1. Your favourite person. Not just what they look like. But how they smell, what makes them laugh, who they are. Make me want to give them a hug.
  2. Your favourite hot beverage. And remember, the joy is in the details.
  3. Your favourite metaphor. Or, if your life was a metaphor, what would you hope it to be?
  4. Your favourite change. Butterflies, seasons, problems … there are so many different changes that we see.
  5. Your favourite moment of tranquillity. I read somewhere that tranquillity is the key to creativity – you can’t be creative if you are not tranquil. I’m not convinced, but it seems a good idea to think about.

If you’re going for cooking things, try these:

  • Your favourite occasion
  • Your favourite spice
  • Your favourite ingredient that is not a spice
  • Your favourite colour (blue soup, anyone?)
  • Your favourite vegetable. Or second favourite vegetable.

And if you need reminding of the guidelines for this little project, they are over here


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