So How Was The first Week Of Kickstarting Creativity For You?

I’ll be honest, it’s been a tricky week. Between household repairs, rehoming a cat and pretending that my cold was gone, keeping on with the writing has been difficult. And then the punch in the stomach on Wednesday from the Charlie Hebdo assassinations (hey, just because they weren’t politicians, doesn’t make it any less assassination). I didn’t always feel like writing. In fact, my Big Project barely made any progress.

So it was nice to have some structure to write around – you probably wouldn’t have had much from me otherwise. I thought some of my challenges were quite difficult once it came to doing them (especially the five perspectives one), despite having a vague idea of how I could approach it when I was writing up the prompts. (This is why I give at least a week between writing the prompts and my response to the prompt.)

That said, I had hoped that more people would pile in with ideas of their own. But then, maybe everybody else is recovering from colds and trying to overhaul their lives too. Still, feel free to join in at any time, you don’t have to start from the beginning. This week’s prompts are to do with favourites, I think. Should be fun.

So I am determined to carry on. To pick up my Big Project and carry on with the words. To carry on this Little Project and see where it takes me. Because even with water leaks, and rehoming cats, and bad colds, the writing will always be waiting for me. Somebody told me this week to “Be You”. So that’s my current plan.

I’ll let you know how it works out.


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