My Favourite Person

Over the last seven years, on average, The Dude has been my favourite person. I say on average, because I have a tendency to treat the person in front of me as my favourite person in that particular instant. And I also say that because there are some things that I have other favourite people for. I have a favourite friend for laughing at cultural differences with, somebody for discussing recipes with, somebody for discussing the joys and trials of writing with.

But overall, The Dude is my favourite. He protects me from the worst of myself. He works hard for our family. He holds me close in the storms, and lets me fly with my imagination when the moment demands it.  He believes in me when I dare not believe in myself.

And sometimes, he even buys me chocolate.

This post is written in response to a prompt from the Kickstarting Creativity favourites theme. Feel free to join in with a description of your own favourite person. I kept this one short because a)The Dude is a very private person and b)I am feeling rather icky today.


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