Guest Post: My Favourite Hot Beverage

This post was a response to the favourite hot beverage prompt in Kickstarting Creativity Week 2. It is a guest post written by Josie Grace. You can find some of her fabric designs on

My favourite hot beverage? What sprung (is that even a word) to mind immediately was a gift i received a few years ago …yes one of my favourite things are gifts …it’s how I read love …it’s why having half my family overseas is so challenging for me …not being able to send them gifts means I cannot express love to them the way I prefer to …but i digress…

So one Christmas I received a gift from my niece, who moved to the UK a number of years ago. As I am writing this a whole LOT of memories are opening up in my mind ….like tiny, pretty butterflies escaping from a freshly opened little brown package wrapped up with string.

I happened to be at my sister’s home when I opened the present  …hot chocolates (plural!) …beautiful mug …hmmmm …she loves hot chocolate…it made me smile and I was grateful…. but I certainly did NOT grasp thhe fullness of this wonderful gift.  Hot chocolate had never been on my shopping list …too costly for a start …

One night, months later, I sought the gift out asIi was craving “something nice”.  I don’t keep “nice to eat” things  in the home as I do not possess a “pause” button and am in a constant war with my body.

Aha! What a gift …it was the start of a journey to deliciousdom! (????) Who would’ve thought that one beverage could unlock loving memories of the gift giver, create a space for my mind to pause and refocus, make me feel loved, grant me a desperately needed deep sleep …oh this beverage was so much more than it had masqueraded itself as!

But the favourite? The white chocolate hot chocolate …unexplainable …creamy, rich, unique….left for last because I did not think i would enjoy it …pffffft …what a ridiculous notion!!!

It was … heavenly!

And the last stop on a fabulous train ride.


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