Learning To Love Mornings (Or, My Favourite Hot Beverage)

(Another Kickstarting Creativity piece)

Ask me to tell you my favourite hot beverage off the top of my head, and I would probably say hot chocolate. But I think that may be force of habit, because truthfully, sometimes hot chocolate makes me feel ill. Sometimes it just tastes like sweet milk, and that’s just wrong. Or too watery, which may possibly be worse. I guess what I’m saying is, I’ve become way too fussy over my hot chocolates for it to be my favourite hot drink.

But give me time to think about it, and I will tell you that my favourite hot beverage is a cup of tea. Not just any cup of tea. That first undisturbed sip of tea when I get back from the schoolrun. Most often, I’m sat at the kitchen table with my porridge, looking out over the garden, or checking my social media (as you do), or reading, or thinking. But there’s always that moment, that gentle sigh inside, of knowing that even if everything is not alright in general, right now, right at this very moment, none of that really matters. And as an added bonus, as long as it is hot, and not extremely milky, I’m really not that bothered about my tea comes at me.

So over the last few days, I’ve been playing this to my advantage. I’ve been promising myself undisturbed happy tea moments through the morning. Right now, I have a strawberry herbal tea thingy by my side,  the gentle perfume of which spurs me on to continue writing. And realising that actually, a warm drink and a quiet moment does a great deal to keep me motivated has had unexpected benefits. I may be learning to love mornings.

I am by no means a morning person. Most mornings I am existentially grumpy until I have had my first cup of tea (this is not the same cup as the favourite cup mentioned above). The problem tends to be, I like to sleep in, and then ease myself into the day, and then all of a sudden become energetic and organised and efficient. A school age child and a husband that enjoys background noise preclude these options most days. And yet, this coming home to a quiet house, and enjoying some tea, and trying again…

Yes, it’s a small thing. But yes, my favourite cup of tea may just help me love mornings again.


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