Kickstarting Creativity Week 3: There’s no such thing as Black and White

I am really excited about this week’s prompts. They are a little more adventurous, as we voyage further on this journey of creativity. Please feel free to share your contributions at any time, and remember you can see the thoughts and guidelines behind this little project here and here.

  1. Black and white often represents the two sides of a thing (think the Dark Side in Star Wars). Sometimes it’s easy to assume that we know which one is which. Represent how these preconceptions can influence our choices.
  2. Black and white often implies that there is only one interpretation of a thing, but many moments of genius have been created when we realise that there are many more perspectives than just our own.
  3. What if you woke up one morning, and there was suddenly no colour in your world?
  4. You are transported to an alternate reality, where you are the only one that has ever experienced colour. This fact is either your salvation or your doom. (Yes, I have been reading some sci-fi of late, can you tell?)
  5. What if black and white as concepts ceased to exist?

Tomorrow, I have a review of my experience of the last week’s prompts (favourites). I hope you can join me then.


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