Reflections On A Week Of Favourites (Review of My  Week 2 Of Kickstarting Creativity)

This week saw my first guest post. It was great to receive an email that so strikingly recalled the memory of a specific hot beverage. I loved it because it was so different to the kind of thing I would’ve written, and yet somehow the same. I loved the way that my prompt of a “favourite hot beverage” (as an alternative to “so, what kinds of things do you like to eat?”) had brought into such sharp focus a specific memory, with the follow-on that the author was able to remember multiple good, and favourite memories. I also thought the nod to “These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things” from The Sound of Music was pretty cool (she mentions parcels tied up in string in her post). But maybe that’s just because I did my own little “tribute” in a previous post.

I do feel that the original point of this exercise – to boost creativity, and encourage a different way of approaching a particular skill – has definitely been a success. And I am reaping the benefits, not just in the writing of my blog, but in writing my Secret Project, organising my days, appreciating the people I share my life with. And roasting parsnips. Somehow, I have finally managed to work out how to roast parsnips so that The Dude likes them. (I have been doing some of the foodie challenges, without actually blogging about them. But since nobody seemed interested, I haven’t got any specific food challenges for the next two weeks.)

This week has reminded me what I love about blogging. It’s the freedom to write, to express an idea that you never realised you had until you started the sentence. I love how I can write something, and the idea can resonate with somebody in another country. Because moments like that remind us that we’re human, that we’re not alone, that maybe, just maybe, tomorrow will be better. Words are powerful, and blogs can be unexpectedly so, because we never know how far they might reach. Even silly little blogs about hot chocolate, or tea, or whatever.

The favourites theme has made me smile, and think, and remember. I can only hope that the upcoming theme will help me continue my creativity journey. Join me if you can.

Here’s the favourite things posts:

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Favourite moment of tranquillity

Favourite hot beverage (well, I had to write one too, didn’t I?)

And the first week’s posts can be found here (just scroll to the bottom for the links).


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