Awesome Is Not That Awesome

I think that perhaps we have this the wrong way around. And I will confess that I bought into the whole thing, and propagated the myth, and even got quite militant about it. But I’m starting to see now that I was wrong. Awesome is not as awesome as everybody thinks it is.

I mean, everybody wants to be awesome, right? And everybody knows what awesome is, and more importantly, isn’t. I use the word awesome because that’s the word in the quote* I saw this week, but we all know the idea, right? We want to be awesome – a success, which means rich, or happy, or famous, or popular. And we know what it takes to get there – we have to be big, and loud, and self-confident, and all we are missing is the Big Idea. And when we get to be awesome, we’ll know we’re there because people will say “Wow! You’re so awesome! I want o be just like you!” And so we read magazines and self-help books, and we plot and plan and run around trying to be the awesome. Just like everybody else.

Except, well, obviously, not everybody else is trying to be awesome. Some of us are sitting huddled in the doorways, hoping nobody will see that we are not awesome. Some of us know we are never going to be awesome – maybe we tried, and have just got tired of trying, or maybe we’re just a little bit broken. Maybe people have trampled on us, and told us we’ll never get there. Maybe we’ve just decided that the cost of being awesome is just too great.

But everybody else is running around trying to be awesome, or maybe even being awesome, and it takes so much energy and effort that there’s nothing (and certainly no time) for the not-awesomes. There’s no time for anything, or anybody, except those that affirm our awesomeness, or our potential for awesomeness. And we take up all the time, and space, and resources, because we’re going to be awesome, you know, and that’s what matters.

And the not awesome people, they don’t actually have to try not to be noticed, because nobody’s looking at them anyway. But they can’t even move, and they can’t get help, because, if you’re not awesome, or trying to be awesome, then you’re just a waste of space, really. Am I right, or am I right?

And that, ladies and gentlemen is why awesome is not awesome.

*The quote was something like “I am trying to be awesome today, but I’m so exhausted from being awesome yesterday.”

This piece is a response to the Kickstarting Creativity prompt that we see things in black and white and that these perceptions influence our choices. But sometimes what we see as black and white really isn’t.


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