An Unexpected Contentment

Today’s prompt: If you could put your mind from ten or twenty years ago into your current life, what would you find most surprising?

What would the younger me be surprised by the older me doing? I wouldn’t be suprised that I emigrated, nor that I continue my love affair with writing. But The Dude? The Little Person? The crochet? Not to mention the lessons I have been willing to learn. The lessons I continue to learn.
I think I would be most surprised, not at the comparative smallness of my life, but at my unexpected contentment in this life. I spent the afternoon decorating biscuits with Little Person. This used to be the kind of activity that would be fraught with difficulty, and had a fifty-fifty chance of leaving one or both of us in a meltdown state. But today, we worked it out together. We spent three days building up to doing this activity, and it was fun.
I’m living my big dreams in small spaces, and that’s what brings the contentment. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone – and that would most certainly surprise the younger me. I always used to think life was about earning stuff. Respect. Value. Worth. Even love and friendship. But it isn’t. It’s about appreciating who you get to spend these days with, appreciating the opportunities and moments in your life. Moments aren’t about big stages and giant signposts. Sometimes the biggest moments of all, the ones that make you heart burst, are found in doing the smallest of things.
Big dreams, small spaces, and an unexpected contentment. I have to say, I’m not doing too badly at all.


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