The Five People For Dinner Question

The prompt: Dinner party. Five people from history. You invite them, but they don’t all agree to come. And then you have to think what should be on the menu…

I like dinner parties. I like cooking for friends. I like planning what I’m going to do with the leftovers, only to discover that there are no leftovers. I like witty and intelligent conversation. So of course, it would be easy to imagine a dinner (with menu) for five people.

Except I can’t.

The cold that bugged me earlier in the month has sideswiped me again. I am left feeling achey and stiff and unmotivated. So I did what I always do when faced with this predicament. I asked The Dude. So his list of people (and yes, I did ask his permission before writing this) was Jesus, Genghis Khan and Julius Ceasar.

“So far you have three people round a table discussing military tactics and strategies to take over the world.”

He shrugged, “Maybe I’m a megalomaniac. Or something.”

He’s not a megalomaniac. He just likes strategy.

His other two people? Maybe Winston Churchill and General Lee. Although there was brief conversation about having Voltaire and Jesus at the same table. (In the end he scrapped that idea.)

And me? I went with William Shakespeare and Martin Luther. And Marie Curie. But not if she’s going to give me radiation poisoning. So there’s my three people. A wordsmith, a rebel, and a scientist.

Yeah. Sounds about right.


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