Meowthpiece Part 1 (Hopefully): Using Up One of Little Cat’s Lives

After a month of writing to prompts, I find the possibilities of writing without a prompt somewhat daunting. So I plumbed the depths of the abyss, and asked “What does the Internet really need more of?” And the answer is obviously, cat stories. And then I thought about how Friday nights frequently find me tired and uncertain about blog topics, but with a definite writing itch. So I’m hoping this will become a semi-regular feature. But I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself.

Little Cat was always the adventurous sort. She was first to venture out into the garden, first to figure out the cat flap, the only one to get caught on the other side of the fence or nearly get locked in the garage. Little Cat used to go and get her food elsewhere for a while, and has gone missing for periods exceeding 24 hours at least twice. The first time she arrived home on bin day, with her front claws all worn down, and a few minor scratches. The second time, she arrived on a Monday, looking much the worse for wear with a wound on her back paw.

I couldn’t get her in to see the vet that day, so it was Tuesday morning when I sat waiting 45 minutes in a stinky vet’s waiting room, surrounded by dogs, one of which helpfully peed on the floor. Antibiotics and a suggestion of an X-ray later (at £250 we decided that perhaps we would try the wait and see approach), Little Cat snuck under a table and slept for at least a day.

We back and forthed to the vet a few times, to the extent that she would start meowing protests as soon as I appeared with the cat box. The antibiotic stopped the infection making her much worse, but the infection had got into her bone. She went to the hospital, and had a toe removed.

She’s not the adventurous sort of cat anymore. But since she’s not going outside, we have bought some extra toys to keep her company inside, and she’s much happier for that. I am sure that come the summer, we will find her sneaking under the garden fence once again.

(Insert your own lesson from this story here. I’m too tired.)

If you have a cat story (or any other animal, except snakes) you would like to share on this blog, please let me know. And also, thanks for reading this far. This is the most self-indulgent pointless post I’ve written in a long time. Sorry about that. 


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