A Review Of Kickstarting Creativity, Because I Know You Want One (Also, Cats. But Not Really.)

At the end of last year, I was thinking of launching a creative challenge, and Kickstarting Creativity was born. I enjoyed it. I will tweak it and run it again, I think.

But this is what I learned:

Sometimes you have to push through and do it anyway. Even when you’re feeling ill, or the topic doesn’t appeal.

Just because you think something is stupid, doesn’t mean it is. (The corollary, just because you think something is clever, doesn’t mean it is, is also true.)

When in doubt, think about cats.

It’s not a bad thing when daily life influences your creative expression. That’s what happens. Make it part of the process. Don’t fight against it.

When you write daily like that, the writing becomes easier. You become more comfortable on the page. You may even become a little braver.

It almost never turns out the way you think it will.

My piece about my favourite hot beverage is already out of date. That doesn’t mean I have to rewrite it.

In writing, there is a fear gap – the difference between what your heart tells you to write, and what you think other people want you to write. When you feel your own voice coming through consistently, the fear gap gets smaller. But that doesn’t mean you should get overconfident. Because then you end up only being able to write about cats.

There is nothing wrong with writing about cats. At least that’s still writing.

Have a good weekend.


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