Me, The Dude And Valentines Day

The date hasn’t escaped me. Little Person had me making a valentine’s card straight after breakfast – including the obligatory dinosaurs. (Did I mention that my drawing talent apparently does not extend to drawing dinosaurs?) It’s the first such card I have ever given The Dude. We keep our romantic gestures for the moments that are important to us, not to Hallmark.

Because love is not about chocolates, and cards and one day in the year (except the time I had a really bad day and The Dude walked in carrying chocolates – good call). Love is getting up early enough to make sandwiches, making the effort to cook good home-cooked meals, even when you really don’t want to. Love is emptying the dishwasher, even when the rugby is coming on. Or standing with your Little Person as she inspects all the toys. Love is a thousand decisions, made every day of the year. Love is learning how to show the person you love that you love them. Love is communication in action – a willingness to try, and grow, and face the difficulties together. A decision to build together, so that you decide together to never ever give up.

The Dude and I don’t do Valentines Day. We don’t have the options of date nights that other couples do. But we know that we need to be creative in finding our moments together, and that means we are so much more intentional. We could allow the challenges of our daily life to drive us apart, but we choose to use them as a force to drive us together. So no, we don’t do valentines.

Romance is much cheaper in March.


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