Sideswiped – And Yet

Ever woken up feeling that you’ve just been punched in the stomach?  Had a day where just breathing suddenly seems so effortful? That’s me at the moment. I have been sideswiped. And now it’s half-term too.

So rather than sitting on the floor and shaking my fist at the world in anger, I’m shuffling to one side, taking stock of what’s left of me. Resting. Recovering. Choosing to apply all the lessons I have learnt. Remembering that this is not the end of me, nor the end of my purpose.

I don’t want to write out of misplaced anger, or stir up a hornet’s nest unnecessarily. I want to be wise, and gracious and merciful. To myself most of all (well, somebody has to be). I don’t want to be stupid. I may look like a trouble-maker, but that’s not my identity.

So for this next little while, I am being extra careful what I write, because my emotions are riding high, and I need to be sensible. I believe in passion. I don’t believe in letting your emotions getting the better of you.

I’m not disappearing completely – I’m just going to write occasional fluff pieces rather than anything from the heart. Because right now, my heart is too sore.

However, in the interim, if you have stories of hope, or purpose, or freedom, or anything else that you think would be suitable for this blog, that you would like me to share, please feel free to email me on, and I’ll post them up if they meet my very vague criteria.

For now, I have lost my voice. So let me help you use yours.


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