It All Goes On The Page (A Writing Wednesdays Post)

Okay, I admit. Writing Wednesdays is not an actual thing (apart from the obvious fact that I write on Wednesdays, but I also write on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Sometimes even on the weekend).  But it should be a thing. I’m not promising you that every Wednesday I will write about writing, I’m just saying I might. (I said that about cats and Fridays, and it seems to be working okay, sort of.)

One of the first books I ever read about writing was Julia Cameron’s The Right To Write. I don’t go in for her Morning Pages routine mainly because I have a child to get to school. But I do know she is right about one thing. Everything always ends up on the page. It’s just that sometimes we let fear get in the way.  Fear was one of the main things that prevented me from taking my writing seriously.

Fear that I would fail.

Fear that I would succeed.

Fear that the journey would break me.

Fear that nobody would read what I wrote.

Fear that everybody would read what I wrote and tell me I was wrong/stupid/right.

Letting go of the fear is letting go of other people’s opinions’ of you. Not letting go in a Frozen-esque way (that wasn’t letting go, that was running away. Big difference). It’s more like walking into the water and lifting your feet so that the current can take you on an adventure.

The opposite of fear is not bravery, it is trust.

Trusting your heart.

Trusting your voice.

Trusting your story.

Everything ends up on the page, but if you trust yourself, you will find that process of “onto the page”-ing that much easier. Let go of the anxiety. Lift your feet, and let the words take you.


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