Meowthpiece 4: The Cat and The Camera

I have a confession to make: I have more photos on my phone of my cat than I have of Little Person and The Dude, combined. I can explain, honest.

The Dude doesn’t like having his photo taken (he’s a photographer – he likes to be on the other side of the lens). Little Person likes videos rather than photos and she’s reaching that stage where she wants to be taking the photos instead of being in them, too. (Are photography genes a thing?)

So that leaves Little Cat. Or Slightly Tubby Cat, as she has become. But she’s got that dense black fur that absorbs all the light so that sometimes when you photograph her it becomes a pool darkness surrounded by interesting objects. (If by interesting objects you mean yarn fluff and mismatched socks.) Plus she has a skittish personality, and her anxiety built up by sharing a house with another cat for 6 (7?) years is still receding. She jumps and hides at the slightest disturbance. Like somebody walking in the room. Or a camera click.

So part of the zillion photos on my phone has been training her to get used to the camera click so that it doesn’t make her jump up and run away. Plus I’m really not particularly good at photography, but I like pictures of cats and I figure between random chance and practice, I might occasionally get a half decent one. (A girl can dream.)

And I know the training is working. Little Cat – or Slightly Tubby Cat, as I should rename her – has become a camera-ready cat, apart from the awkwardness (or photographically challenge) of her dense black fur. How do I know this? The Dude walked into the study one afternoon, and she was perched on the top of the chair waiting to pounce on unsuspecting computer users. The light was perfect. Making her fur gleam and shine. He pulled out his phone, she looked right at him and click. He took a really cool picture of the cat.

So now The Dude has one picture of Little Cat on his phone, and it is better than any of the zillions on mine.

But then it just takes one. (And a wife daft enough to camera train your skittish cat.)

(photo credit @cnicholl33, used with permission.)


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