Meowthpiece 5: Butterflies Are Not Cat Toys

Little Cat has been enjoying the sunshine. She’s been running around pretending that being all black makes her invisible in daylight. There have been no new mice coming inside (although last night she had us convinced – cue a furniture shuffle just before bed). An awful lot of activity, and only once have I seen the Ear Twitch of Annoyance.

If you own a cat, you know what I’m talking about. Something does not go to plan and the cat sits, looks at offending situation, and a single ear twitches, before the cat pads away as though nothing could ever go wrong. “I would be annoyed but that is so beneath me.”

Yesterday, Little Cat was inspecting the gravel by the back door. I was sitting on the step, contemplating my obligation not to spend the entire day sitting on the back door step in the sun (not really, I wasn’t thinking anything). Little Cat noticed a butterfly on the grass a good few metres away. Without hesitation, she was off.

The butterfly, of course, waited until the very moment she lifted her paw, and fluttered nonchalantly away. Cue Ear Twitch of Annoyance. Butterflies are not cat toys. They do not flick to catch our attention and then wait obediently to be caught. They are not predictable. You want to catch a butterfly? You have to earn it.

But even if Little Cat didn’t catch that butterfly, I know it’s just a matter of time. She’s a little rusty on her hunting skills. Dare I say the cat toys have made her lazy? Still, the interesting thing is that after months of demanding cat toy play every evening, now she is just happy to snooze.

When there’s real hunting to be had, cat toys don’t get a look in.


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