House Guests And Hope

I We have visitors at the moment. The Dude’s parents have come up to visit for a day short of a fortnight (planned). So has some cold bugs (unplanned). Mrs Dude started sniffling on the train up, and yesterday Mr Dude was sniffling too. All the while, my The Dude is showing signs of sniffle-fighting and I can feel the lurgy trying to take hold in my throat. I suspect the only reason Little Person isn’t sniffling along with us is because she spends all day around germs at school.

Still. There’s hope.

Why, you ask. Because there’s always hope.

And that’s all you’re getting today, because like I said, house guests. And taking care of them, and myself is more important than any blog post.

So if you don’t see me for a few days/weeks, you know why.

But remember: there’s always hope. Always.


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