The Star That Stayed

She came home from school  with a silver star on her jumper, hidden under her coat until Granny spotted it.

“Oh! What’s that for?”

I was going to say that we never get a sensible answer to that question, except she piped up.

“Miss Smith gave it to me. For sitting up straight and helping.” (Miss Smith is one of the supervisors at dinnertime at school.)

“Oh, very good.”

I thought that was the end of the exchange. I was wrong.

“Miss Smith gave it to me, but you can have it.”

And so the little silver star sticker was transferred from school jumper to red Granny jumper. And there it stayed, all afternoon, and all evening.

And the next day too.

“Look, I still have your star.”

And they smiled together.

The next day, I saw the jumper neatly folded on a chair, silver star uppermost.

I think that star is still there. The star that stayed. The star that is a love remembered, and shared, and cherished.

Will you share your silver star today? Will you see how long it stays?


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