Holding Lightly In My Hands

This I have learned this last year: Whatever I have, I must hold lightly in my hands.

Like a butterfly that balances on my fingertips, I can treasure the beauty of it until it flies away, and then I can treasure the moment that it stayed.

I could spend my time trying to keep these beautiful things in my life close, hold onto them tightly, protect them from all and everything, but sometimes doing that only diverts energy from the experience. Sometimes instead of protecting, the heavy hand is stifling.

I know I am waffling, but some times the most beautiful things in our lives – our talents, our creativity, our relationships, work best when they have space to be expressed. When we hold them lightly, gently, so that they are safe to stay and safe to go.

And if we hold our hurts lightly, so that we can look at them and say “This is the thing that hurt me, and I will try to let it go”, then they don’t have the chance to dig into our hearts and wound us more.

So find joy in the things you can hold lightly in your hands. Know that they might fly away like butterflies, but they could also blossom like a seedling. You never know until you give them light and space to grow.

Because when you hold things lightly, your hand is always open to receive more.


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