Doing The Next Right Thing: Taking A Nap

I had a nap this morning. A very long nap. I set my alarm for 12:30, closed my curtains, because I knew I really needed a sleep. (I also woke up at 11:20 completely confused and convinced I had forgotten to take Little Person to school, why couldn’t I hear anything, where was the cat, why hadn’t anybody woken me up and what was I doing sleeping in my clothes? Told you I needed the sleep.)

But if I had written this blog before my nap, I would have been ranting about Christmas and Facebook memories and schoolteachers and when people tell you that your child “doesn’t look like she has special needs”.

But I took a nap. (I like that turn a phrase. You take it. You have control, you can decide to lie yourself down on the bed and rest.) So now, Facebook memories are poignant reminders that life goes on, Christmas is not to be feared (at least there’s a church service I can go to this year), and schoolteachers… well, a nap doesn’t solve everything.

But in the last year my life has speeded up dramatically. It’s now crammed full of learning to make good parenting decisions for Little Person, community volunteer work (who knew it that would be such a positive change?), writing and keeping the house tidy. Oh, and data management for co-ordinating aid to refugees in Europe. (Does anybody know how to set up an automatic email response when somebody fills in a Google form?) So, a little nap now and then makes a big difference.

As long as I don’t nap all the time.

Here’s the thing. So much in life is simply about doing the next right thing. Keep an eye on the long-term goal, and do the next right thing that will get you from here, in this not ideal place where you are, one step closer to there, the place you want to be. And sometimes, that next right thing isn’t sitting down and making a list of all the people you have to give Christmas presents to. Or trying to work out why your Facebook memories make you feel sad (the answer to that is: just because people treat you like crap, doesn’t mean you won’t miss them when they’re gone – pardon my French). Sometimes it’s just taking a nap.

Because now that my nap is done, I’m not worried about the Facebook memories making me sad. And I know the Christmas thing can be sorted – slowly.

So my next right thing is pretty easy, actually.

Go fetch The Little Person from school (and then see about that automated response thing).

(And then… oh heck, I’m doing this wrong.)


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