Apparently I Get Grumpy When I Don’t Write

Whoosh! That’s the gentle sound of January 2016 whizzing out of your life. Gone, completely. And, perhaps like me, a little memorable for all the wrong reasons. Because …

Crash! The sound of all your good intentions just falling to bits on the floor because, you know, life. Nothing ever goes to plan in real life.

Sorry. Rambling.

The point is, I knew I was miserable, The Dude knew I was miserable. Even the cat knew I was miserable. I blamed the weather, some stressful life events and that general discontent that comes with realising that you have no escape from this life you find yourself living. (Me? Drama queen? Only on the bad days.) The cat had completely given up on me. The Dude?

Turns out The Dude, looking from the outside in, was a little more perceptive about what was going down.

“But Rox, you’re always miserable when you don’t write.”

I pointed my fork at him. Opened my mouth. Closed my mouth. The annoying thing about husbands, is sometimes they are right.

So, more words will be winging their way to a blog near you soon. Because…

Screech, whirr. That’s the sound of January getting a reboot. It’s called February.


4 thoughts on “Apparently I Get Grumpy When I Don’t Write

  1. A new month, fresh prospective. Can totally relate to this. Life gets in the way and we as writers tend to use the life excuse as a reason not to write and usually end up being the one’s to suffer in the long run. I hope February is a good month for you with lots of time to escape the day and just simply write.

    All the best xo


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