Waiting and Parenting and Weighing It All Up

As I write this, I am waiting for the doctor. As usual, she is running late.  But I know, when I get in to see her she will take as much time as is needed.  Thankfully, in my case it’s nothing urgent. But I have Little Person with me. Which makes waiting that teensy bit more challenging.

Of course, in this case I chose to drive straight from school, which meant a half an hour wait just for my appointment time. But that was my decision.  Because sometimes, waiting is just easier.

Sometimes waiting is easier. Waiting can be better. We don’t like to admit it because waiting is a waste of time. Except sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes waiting is breathing. Giving yourself a chance to calm down. Taking a few moments to stick dragon stickers in a book (you didn’t expect me to be unprepared, did you?). Waiting can be sharing.  Waiting can be learning.

I  was nervous walking here with Little Person, knowing there would be a  long wait. But we’ve been here an hour and she’s been brilliant.
Waiting is breathing.
Waiting is learning.

Maybe waiting is what you allow it to be.


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