When Traditions Collide

We had burgers for lunch today. And there will be apple pie in our future.  Because “as American as Apple pie”.

We’re not American.  The Dude is from Northern Ireland, I’m from South Africa. We live in England.  Of course we are eating food we associate with America.

Because it’s the Sunday before Lent. My first Sunday before Lent in the Church of England. No wait. That’s not right. I mean it is the Sunday before Lent. But that doesn’t explain the burgers.

Because it’s the first weekend of the rugby 6 nations. (You would think I could get into that.) But that is on the TV as I write. But it doesn’t explain the apple pie.

It’s Superbowl Sunday. That’s the reason for the food.

But it’s also the rugby. And getting ready for Lent. And a million traditions colliding. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear them crunching overhead.  If I didn’t know better I could be getting upset.

But the point of traditions are about holding us steady in tough times. It’s connecting us to the past so we can build for the future. The point is we can do the traditions in our own unique ways. If we are willing to look beyond the act and think about the reason  for the act.

So Superbowl Sunday is big in our family. But Lent is big in our faith. And sometimes traditions collide, but that just mean burgers on Sunday while preparing our hearts for contemplation.

Because maybe it’s not a collision.  Maybe it’s just a mixing.


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