Collaborative Creativity and Confidence

I contribute at a community outreach programme run by my church. By which I mean I play pool and have conversations with people one day a week. We have been trying some creative projects in recent weeks. 

A funny thing happens when you give a group a creative project. People who claim not to be interested in that sort of thing somehow find themselves contributing. People who don’t often speak up find a voice because they are solving a problem right in front of them. And at the end, everyone feels better because they have contributed one way or another. 

And then next time, people are willing to try again and work together more and therefore achieve more. That’s why I  like collaborative creativity – it can be a road to personal growth, greater self confidence and all round skill acquisition.  Plus you get to see a different side to people. Generally a more relaxed side.

Unless of course you thought you had a week to make your ten plagues posters and you had two days.  But the point is, we did it. Together.  And I couldn’t be prouder of the guys who stepped up and helped out, even I was the one who made the mistake with the deadline.

And if you’re interested ,  this is what we made:



One thought on “Collaborative Creativity and Confidence

  1. Over the years I have personally found doing creative work together can build friendships and as you say, solve problems. So enjoy your blogs!


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