The Gratitude And The Cold, Or This Could Go Just About Anywhere

Last night, as I lay in bed thinking about writing this post, I had a really witty beginning. Quite frequently, when that happens, I can remember it the following morning. Except those of you who follow me on Facebook will know I have a cold. Some moments it feels like it’s almost Manflu. (It isn’t.)

But I didn’t want to quit my streak of writing about gratitude. I like writing about gratitude (and it means I can keep this blog ticking over while I do the Big Edit). I like thinking about gratitude.

I do not like having a cold.

But a cold is very good at pulling you into the present. When your head is all fuzzy and your nose is blocked, and getting up off the sofa is an event that has to be strategically planned, you’re not living in the future or the past. You’re not making plans for the future. You’re just trying to get to the day when the cold is past.

This morning, I was a little late dropping Little Person at school, which meant we had to walk speedy-fast to get her into the building before all the doors closed. We made it, but I had to walk back to the car very slowly. My chest was sore, I was gulping down breaths like I had just sprinted for the line at the end of a marathon.

What does that have to do with gratitude? Not a lot. Except that, a) I was not having a heart attack, and b) I was not having a panic attack. I knew what was going on. I knew it was just my body under stress because of the cold. And knowing what it could have been, and yet it wasn’t, was something to be grateful for. Knowing what it was, is something to be grateful for. Because then I could come home and rest.

So these are my take home points about gratitude and having a cold:

  1. If nothing else, be grateful that you know the things you do. (Sometimes)
  2. Being able to be in the moment can make it easier to find gratitude. (Sometimes)

Like I said in the title, this could go anywhere.


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